Instructions for PR Releases

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Instruction for Rotary PR Releases



To get articles in the two local newspapers:


  1. Write up the article.


  1. Enclose pictures - use post its on back to identify persons in picture


  1. Format: Contact Person - your name


  1. Telephone Number - your number


  1. Title of news item i.e.: Rotarians donate to Webster Comfort Care double space and include information


  1. Media will not return pictures


  1. Addresses: EmpireState Weeklies (Webster Herald)


       2010 Empire Blvd.


       Webster, N.Y.


       Messenger Post Newspapers (Webster Post)

        Piano Works Mall

        349 West Commercial St .

        Suite 1260

        East Rochester, N.Y. (or put in drop box in Library ask person at

                                              Counter as they keep moving it)