The Spoke stuff!!!
Meeting on Sept 28th at PCC and present were: Dolly K, Dolly M, Ross, Bill, Don, Robyn, Barry
Howard, Prez Joe, Donna, Herb, Dennis, Spencer, John, Terry, Rich, Tom, Brian and our guests
the Nye Family, Kathy,Bruce, Rob and Sheila.
Prez Joe asked Rob Nye to tell us a little bit about their interest in Rotary. Bruce was a rotarian
in the Caledonia club for many years then moved to the Carolinas and enjoyed Rotary there.
The family moved the parents to Webster to be closer so they could watch out for them and they
are looking for the opportunity to interact with our group.
Robyn gave an update on the Recovery Walk and said they had a great time and were the top $
$ team. She thanked the Rotarians who came out and those who supported the walk. Team
Jordan is ready for next year!
Camp Haccamo weekend is fast approaching with the opportunity to help serve lunch on
Saturday the 7th at noon.(let Dolly K know if you will be there) Sunday the 8th is the Hike for
Haccamo so please go to to sign up or just donate. Josie Waverly
concert is Nov 17th and Prez Joe asked if the club would sponsor a table of ten for $315 for the
event. Bill R moved to purchase the table and Dolly second.
John Schuler gave an update as to him sending Shelter Box and Rotary International checks for
the Hurricane relief fund. Ross moved that we send an additional $1000 to Shelter Box since it
was in this years budget and Puerto Rico is in such dire shape they could use it. It was
approved quickly!
Bill gave an update on the Project on North Ave and thanked Rich, Brian, Dolly, Spencer and
Susan for helping scrape and prime. Sunday Oct 1st will be painting day and Immanuel
Lutheran Church will be hosting a light lunch at 12 for volunteers
Ray is attending the membership meeting and next week will be our workshop to go over
financials, committees, and the Pancake Breakfast. Set up will be Nov 11th and the breakfast
Nov 12th. Rich sent out 3 boxes to the troops please remember to bring stuff in.
Barry Howard was our speaker and gave an update and history on the Webster Chamber of
Commerce. He thanked Rotary for being a member and mentioned that the Chamber is truly the
voice of business as it is solely run by members not town funds to support it and the Chamber
wants to make Webster a Community of Choice. Some of the things the Chamber has been
responsible for over the course of its existence are creating Branch banking for NYS, convincing
Xerox to move out to Webster, and petitioning phone changes so calling across the street would
not be long distance due to the exchange number you had. Our own Bill Rouff instigated the
replacement of the WEBSTER plantings and stonescape and will the help of Tony Infantino of
warm 101.3, they raised $6000 by 8am that morning of the drive! Go Bill! The Chamber also
helped creat the Business Improvement District and the Webster Economic Development
Alliance which is a one of a kind organizations consisting of the School District, Town, Village,
Chamber and BID. The Chamber also host after hours networking, Power Hours, and Breakfast
before Business for its members and interested guests. Barry also mention that the Chamber is
experts in the Health Care Insurance field so anyone wishing to figure out what is best for them
should call him..No charge.Thank you Barry for an interesting presentation!
John won the 50/50 and pulled the 6 of spades.
Happy Dollars raised $129
Ross, for the guests and speaker
Tom, Ditto
Dolly M, climbing St Regis trail this weekend
Dolly K, Guests and speaker
John, welcome to the Nye’s and for Barry
Dennis, Happy Family Reunion, speaker
Joe, Nye Family, and Barry
Terry, speaker and guests and for her Aunt who passed away yesterday at age 94
Brian, Barry, Nye’s, and he filled his recycle toter twice cleaning stuff out
Bill, speaker, guests and the North Ave project
Rich, see Terry above
Spencer, speaker/guests and that his daughter is doing well after her Blood sugar event and a
trip to NYC
Don, Bill’s project and guests
Donna, NFL
Robyn, beautiful song recorded by her gospel choir for Jordan’s burial this Saturday, for the
speaker and guests and the Recovery Walk.
Stay tuned for all the latest news and enjoy this Fall weekend!