Webster Rotary Spoke
The official voice of Webster Rotary
Meeting of 1/12/2017
Webster Rotarians present: Rich, Terry, Herb, Bob, Ray, John, Spencer, Tom, Don, Brian, Ross
Prospective Rotarian: Dolly McGuire
President Brian called the meeting to order and asked Spence to lead us in the pledge to our flag and me for the prayer.
Health Report: If you see our past president today she might give you the boot, because that’s what she is wearing as a result of an unfortunate accident leading to a broken foot.  Best Wishes for rapid healing, Robyn.
 Continue to offer your prayers for Dolly and Henry.
Lending Library- The first topic of discussion was the constructing of boxes for the lending library.  Brian suggested that because he has all the necessary equipment in his garage that we meet there and set up an assembly line.  No decision was made.
Garlic Festival-Rich reported that the Garlic Festival Committee had a meeting to distribute the proceeds from the festival. The profit was $11,000, $5,000 to the miracle field, $3,100 beep baseball $2,900 Kiwanis. Next year’s festival will be September 9-10.  Some minor changes are planned, same site, one entrance, more handicapped parking, better signage to site, information on charities supported by festival, May 15 application deadline for vendors, extra charge if application is not timely. Webster Rotary plans to sell coffee and donuts.  Location no yet decided- maybe outside of building.
Charities Dinner-A reminder that the Charities Dinner is Friday, May 5.  Format, etc. will remain the same, line up your prospective attendees.
Arboretum-Plans are generally on hold until spring when we will have a workday.  There are still plans to build a pavilion but it’s questionable as to whether we should build a bridge.  The bridge would not be “over troubled waters” in fact the trouble is there no water to build the bridge over.  It was reaffirmed that the trees are to be dedicated only to Webster Rotarians who are members at the time of their death.
20/20 Ray drew the 9 of clubs.
Happy Dollars: Brian-Sons 33rd birthday, Daughter-in-law (Colleen) defense of her PhD thesis “Interferon Regulatory Factor 8 as a major negative regulator of myeloid-derived suppressor cell production and function in neoplastic diseases”, Herb-8 year old grandson 1st hockey goal, Bob-happy, John-Happy, Don-Happy, Ray-Dolly back, Colleen, Spencer-happy to be here, Tom-Dolly back, warm weather, prayers because he’s taking grandson to zoo, Terry-warm weather, Dolly back, Brian’s daughter-in-law thesis , Rich-Dolly back, Dolly-good to be back, Ross-Colleen, Dolly back.
Board Meeting-Wednesday, 1/18/2017
Rotary regular meeting-Thursday 1/19/2017 at Penfield Country Club