Thank you to all  for coming out last week for our Rotary meeting.
I hope all managed our winter storm this weekend.  It certainly is beautiful.
Items discussed on Thursday:
Mailbox notes:
  • Thank yous form Jack Foundation, Webster Comfort Care, ROCovery, Dictionary donation
Christmas party report--
  • $726.70 spent this year, 51 attendees. 2017 $658.4, 53 attendees. 
  • Gifts more expensive
  • unexpected arrival of a Group Home that did not RSVP
  • Would be hard to stop doing this as it is obvious how much this event means to the people that attend.
Skating Rink Update-
  • Rink up and running.  Lots of usage!
  • Joe C to work on Go Fund Me for funds to support Rink and Warming Hut
  • Multiple publications with Mention of Webster Rotary's funding of Rink.
Penfield Rotary invite
  • February 28-Brew and Dinner event at Penfield Country Club.  More details to follow.  This will be our Thursday meeting.
Joint Meeting
  • April 9-Lions hosting joint meeting at Hedges
Budget Review
  • Budget reviewed. 2017/2018, 2018/2019 projected, 2018/2019-Actual
  • Club to review and send questions to Kathy
  • Board to review at Board Meeting next week (January 24)
  • Foundation report from Herb.  Webster Rotary in good standing!
Charity donations
  • Discussion regarding different charities that Webster has supported over the years
  • Question if we should look at  new organizations
  • Home grown organizations
  • Club members to email Kathy with ideas--discuss at next club meeting
2019 Golf Committee plan
  • Examine donations, 30-40 percent to charities, 60-70 percent to stay with Club
  • Discuss what charities to support--good to have charities what would send players
  • Invites out soon
Webster Rotary Leadership
  • 2019/2020-will have a Leadership Triad.  Joe C, Kathy and Robyn will oversee club leadership.  There is precedent of this format.Joe C will be on record as President.  Goal for the year will be Leader Development. 
Board Meetings
  • Board Meeting next Thursday January 24, 6:30 at REC department.  This will be an open meeting.  Anyone interested in attending are welcome!
Current Calendar:
  • Thursday January 24, 6:30-Open Webster Rotary Board Meeting-Parks and REC department
  • Thursday January 31--General meeting-TBD
  • Thursday February 7--Social Meeting???
  • Friday February 8-Breakfast Club at Open Door Mission
Thanks everyone--have a great week