The Spoke
Rotary’s Most Widely Read Newsletter
January 5, 2017
Submitted by Joseph Corona
Rotarians: Robyn Whittaker, Dennis Zink, John Schuler, Herb Gauch, Tom Smock, Rich Comins, Terry Comins, Dolly Kujawa, Bob Goldstein, Donna Hepburn, Bill Ruoff, Don Pegelow, Ross Willink, Kathy Doerner, Ray Manginell, Marlene Manginell, Brian Winslow, Joe Corona
Visiting Rotarians: Jim Isaac
Visitors: Judy Zink, Terry Schuler, Mary Gauch, Karen Collins, Lynn Goldstein, Norie Willink, John Doerner, Amy Winslow
Pledge of Allegiance:  Rich Comins
Prayer: Marlene Manginell
Location: Penfield Country Club
Miscellaneous Items
  • Next board meeting is 1/18 at the Atlantic
  • Next week’s Rotary meeting will be at Penfield CC and will be an assembly
  • Robyn has some programs lined up for February and March
50/50 Drawing for Rich’s Cookies - $51
  • Amy won 1
  • Don won 1
  • Mary won1
  • Ross won 2
  • Joe won 1
50/50 Drawing
  • John Schuler wins the 50/50 and drew 7 of diamonds
Happy Dollars - $52
  • Kathy – she and Robyn joined a gospel choir
  • Robyn – great trip to New Orleans
  • Dennis – nice venue
  • John – niece adopted a baby
  • Herb – nice holiday season
  • Tom – Robyn’s trip to New Orleans
  • Rich – his birthday
  • Terry – Rich’s birthday, being here, and Rich’s cookies
  • Karen – Rich drove them to her sister’s home in Pennsylvania
  • Jim – thank you for the support for the concert
  • Dolly – Henry’s 85th birthday, great holiday season
  • Bob – grandson got 1500 out of 1525 on state exam
  • Marlene – holidays over
  • Donna – holidays over
  • Bill – Happy New Year
  • Don – Happy New Year
  • Ross – Happy New Year, great to have son in law as a dentist, great grandson Noah’s 1st birthday
  • Brian – Donna is feeling better, holiday company & full house, getting back into the groove
  • Joe – being part of cookie row, reuniting the Van 5, Happy New Year
Next week’s meeting is at Penfield Country Club