The Spoke
Rotary’s Most Widely Read Newsletter
November 17, 2016
Submitted by Joseph Corona
Rotarians: Bill Ruoff, Don Pegelow, Bob Goldstein, Herb Gauch, Robyn Whittaker, Dolly Kujawa, Spencer Shull, Rich Comins, Kathy Doerner, Joe Corona, Brian Winslow, Ross Willink, Ray Manginell
Visitors: Terry Comins, Karen Collins, Judy Schwartz, Mathon Noi
Pledge of Allegiance:  Spencer Shull
Prayer: Ross Willink
Location: Lilian’s Restaurant
Upcoming Schedule
  • 11/24 – Happy Thanksgiving! (no meeting)
  • 12/1 – Lillian’s
  • 12/6 – Eastern Cities Dinner
  • 12/8 – Lillian’s
  • 12/15 – Rochester Rotary RPO Christmas Pops
  • 12/16 – Christmas Party
  • 12/22 – No Meeting
  • 12/29 – White Elephant Night; place to be determined
Miscellaneous Items
  • Brian expressed a big thank you to all who volunteered on Pancake Breakfast Sunday and those who sold and purchased tickets
  • Pancake breakfast profits look to be around $1,300; big piece was the reduction in costs from last year
  • All 3 50/50 winners gave all or a portion of their winnings back
  • Attendance was 196 people
  • Interact team was incredible
  • Couple of items needed for next year include a wisk and Rich will provide hot mitts
  • Kathy and Brian will meet with Dennis to work through details of the Christmas dinner
  • Couple of upcoming holiday events: 12/3 Christmas Village with a train ride with Santa and It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Foundation update: half have made donations; Bob will email those who have yet to contribute for this year; minimum for this year is $26.50; $100 becomes a sustaining member
  • Dictionary project is complete for 2016; Spencer and Bill shared letters from the school kids
  • Rich Comins has agreed to be the Donations chairman
Building Minds in South Sudan – Mathon Noi and Judy Schwartz
  • Mathon lived in Rochester for 7 years and has lived in Buffalo for the past 8 years
  • He is married and has 2 children
  • He shared his incredible story about coming to the US as a refugee from South Sudan
  • He is a member of the Dinka tribe that was driven from their homeland and into a refugee camp
  • He shared with us the 60 Minutes piece on the Lost Boys of Sudan
  • He was 21 years old when he arrived in the US and arrived here with the assistance of the Catholic Family Centers
  • He became a US citizen in 2007; attended MCC and finished his accounting degree at Niagara and works for Citigroup
  • During his first trip back to Sudan, he met his father after being separated for 18 years.  Unfortunately, his mother was killed
  • He started Building Minds in South Sudan with his cousin Sebastian Maroundit
50/50 Drawing
  • Herb Gauch wins the 50/50 and draws the 3 of spades
50/50 Drawings
  • 18 – Don Johnson
  • 150 – Christy Comins
  • 197 – Terry Lally
  • 85 – Tracy Brown
  • 139 – Robyn Whittaker
  • 106 – Howard Fleischman
Happy Dollars - $52
  • Bill – speaker, respect for PDG Ed Cullen as he passed away this week
  • Don – speaker
  • Terry – speaker, challenge to Rich about Thanksgiving and Christmas invitation; not feeling well for the breakfast
  • Bob – speaker and pancake breakfast
  • Herb – speaker, granddaughter Madeline’s help at pancake breakfast
  • Ross – speaker, good news Dr. Lattamore’s help on his eyes, bad news – shot in the eye for macular degeneration
  • Ray – speaker
  • Kathy – speaker and glad to be back
  • Karen – speaker
  • Rich – speaker, invitation to Thanksgiving and Christmas by Terry
  • Spencer – speaker
  • Dolly – speaker and Josie Waverly contest this Friday
  • Robyn – speaker and moving back home
  • Joe – speaker and great pancake breakfast
  • Brian – speaker, great pancake breakfast, and escaping a speeding ticket by being a Rotarian