Webster Rotary Spoke
The official voice of Webster Rotary
Meeting of 12/1/2016
Webster Rotarians present: Rich, Herb, Marlene, Ray, Don, Spence, Tom, Robyn, Brian, Ross
Visiting Rotarians Jim Isaac (Rochester)
President Brian called on Don for the pledge to the flag and me for the prayer.  Brian raised the question as to whether there is anything we should be doing for the people devastated by the forest fires.  It was decided that the district usual initiates such action, and Brian would contact District Governor Tom.
Robyn suggested that we pin Shirley Isaac’s badge to our Rotary banner which she did, followed by a round of applause.
Christmas Party: Robyn reporting for Kathy, only 1 group home has responded and 18 guests have signed up so far.  Kathy will make some follow up phone calls.  Dennis has arranged for Santa to arrive at 6:15 P.M.
Brian said that we most of the needed tablecloths, etc. At next week’s meeting we will finalize the plans for the party.
Treasurers Report: Veteran sailor Herb said he would report on the “State of our Ship” and apparently everything is ship shape.  We have $30,600 in our account with outstanding bills for Rotary International dues of $2,000, Scholarship of $1,000 and $500 for Comfort Care.  We have paid for 2 shelter boxes $2,000, Camp Haccomo dues and donations to Sunshine Camp and Camp Haccomo  in memory of Shirley Isaac. This led to a discussion of whether we should be carrying such a large balance or should we spend it on  new projects.  Robyn said that the town was planning major improvements to Sandbar Park, including a board walk along the lake.  She wondered about giving Rotary visibility by having a Rotary bench on the board walk.  It also was suggested we might ask for a matching grant for a Gazebo at the Rotary Grove.
Membership Report: Robyn and Ray gave a report for the membership committee.  Robyn commented on the fact that there were only 11 at tonight’s meeting which just highlighted the need for new members.
She handed out a “Rotary Membership Satisfaction Survey” and bribed each member with candy kisses to complete it.
Some of the suggestions from the committee were:
 . Have place cards made for local businesses saying “We support Webster Rotary Club”
. Business cards for each Rotarian to hand out with Rotary information on the back.
. Greater use of social media, including bringing current members up to speed on Facebook and Twitter.
. Completing a brochure about the club including some group photos of current members.
. Having a separate info booth on Rotary at community events.
. Having different levels of membership eg. Partial membership, young professional membership, associate members friends of Rotary
. Recruit new members from local colleges-start and Rotoract club at a local college.
. Fill in gap in current membership by earmarking specific professions eg. Clergy, Attorney, Physician to more clearly reflect the makeup of the community
. Recognize some community members for their service to the area by giving them a plaque and present it at a special luncheon.
Bell Ringing,    Brian will check with Don Alhart on ball ringing for the Salvation Army.
New Fund Raiser
Robyn informed us about a potential fund raiser.  There will be a wine judging contest in Rochester and after the contest they give the leftover wine to some local charity.  The charity (eg) Webster and other local Rotary clubs who could hold a “Savor the Flavor” after the event and sell and serve the wine with food samples from local restaurants.  More on this later.
Weekly 50/50 –Rich Comins drew the 4 of clubs
20 week 50/50 #158 Mary Ann Frail $25, #114 Lisa Fisher $15, #154 Barb Bakin $10
Final Drawing of 20 week 50/50
$400 #72 Wendy Wright
$250 #134 Webster Rotary (unsold)
$150 #123 Keith Champrey
$75 #188 Christine Comins
$50 #129 Bpb and Austin Worham
$25 #181  Elizabeth Doerner
$25 #59 Dolly Kujawa
Happy Dollars
Don- For everyone
Herb- Thanksgiving, good report on Mary, upcoming daughter’s birthday
Ross-great article and photo by Jim Memmot in D & C
Robyn-Oldest son completed rehab program
Ray-A Happy Thanksgiving
Jim-Thanks for all the tickets purchased for Rotary Christmas Concert
Brian-Thanks to Robyn and Ray for presentation
Upcoming meetings and events
Tuesday 12/6 Eastern Cities Dinner
Thursday 12/8 Location? (Brian will e-mail and call regarding location)- Christmas party discussion
Thursday 12/15 Rochester Rotary Christmas Concert
-No Webster Club meeting
Friday 12/6 Webster Rotary Christmas Party
Thursday, 12/22 No meeting-Merry Christmas
Thursday 12/29 Christmas- re-giving, White Elephant meeting, Penfield Country Club Guest Night $25 per person
Thursday 1/5 Lillian’s- Scholarship winner’s reunion