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“The Spoke”
Meeting of December 10th, 2015
Published January 3rd, 2016
Members present:
President Robyn, Dolly, Don P., Rich, Herb, Donna, Ray & Marlene Manginell (good to have you aboard, folks), Kathy D., P-e Brian, Joe C., Ross, Billy R., and yours truly, DZ.
Guests present:
Karen Collins (Hi Karen)
Our pancake breakfast appears to have been a success and Brian would like all monies turned into him for ticket sales so that he can present the club with a bottom line.
Our future meetings at Webster Schroeder will be held in the library, not N-100 as in the past.
Robyn asked for a commitment from those who are willing to take a bus to the District Conference. Please let her know asap.
A You Tube video of Hershey Pa. can be viewed at “7120 City of Hershey”".”
Rich recently sent five boxes to our platoon. Each box costs $15.90 to ship. If you do not have time to shop for items to ship Rich will gladly accept cash to help with postage costs.
Herb & Brian recently attended a fireside chat hosted by DG Tom Rodgers and Daryl Christiansen. More to follow. It was suggested to combine some meetings meetings with other clubs to promote fellowship.
Joan is once again working on programs regardless of her recent health issues and we appreciate her efforts. This is not an easy task and requires a great deal of time, phone calls, return phone calls, etc. Thanks, Joan.
It was suggested to invite the community when we have a guest speaker as a means of creating additional awareness of our club.
President Robyn proposed a murder mystery for one of our February programs. More to follow.
We caught up on small 50/50 drawings as follows below:
#15 Jacob Doerner
#156 Joe Pustulka
#168 Brian Winslow
#198 Dennis Zink (that’s me, Yayyyyyyyyyyyy)
#39 Allison Gribben (sp?)
#145 Donna Hepburn
#82 Gerry Weisbacher
#74 Terry Schuler
#62 Paul Eakin
The Big 50/50 was won by Marlene Manginell who drew the Ace of Clubs (darn close) so the pot is now at $30.00 and growing.
Our meeting on January 7th, will be held at Lillian’s Restaurant in the Penn Fair plaza, as before.
It is our annual White Elephant night that gives everyone a chance to dump (oops, strike that) pass along or re-gift, if you will, items that you feel someone else might appreciate more than you do. Please bring one item. This is a lot of fun.Laughing out loud
January 14th we will have Carmen Gumina, Supt. of WSD, as our guest speaker, location Schroder library.
January 21st we will have Mark Yaeger as our guest speaker location Schroeder library.
Additional programs can be view on the attachment I have included that was issued by Joan.
It was generally agreed that the Rochester Rotary Christmas Pops concert was the best ever. It was great to have Jeff Tyzik back at the baton and, of course, the chorale was just spectacular....the best of the best from all around the region.
Our annual Kids’ Christmas Party was great as usual in spite of a mishap on the timing of Santa’s arrival. All ended well, however, and we now bid farewell to Santa (Ron Laforce) after two decades of helping the Webster Rotary club. I have attached two editorials that appeared in the local press, D&C (highly edited short version of what I wrote) and the entire version of what I wrote (Webster Herald). It has been my privilege to know Ron all these years. Although he is not a Rotarian he lives our motto of “Service above self.” Thanks, Santa.
And be sure to read the attachment above of the special feature regarding the Webster Rotary along with the picture of President Robyn, Ross & Norie.
This letter is being composed on Sunday, January 3rd and President Robyn has kept us up to date during the Christmas holidays with emails passing along important information.
We have been following St. Henry’s challenges and he is in our daily thoughts and prayers. We learned of Dolly’s auto accident and are thankful that she was not injured in spite of the car being totaled. This is a great opportunity to call Dolly and ask her if you might drive her someplace or do some grocery shopping in her behalf.
We also learned that Joan was in Immediate Care and once again offer to assist her in whatever way we are capable.
Herb and yours truly will once again coordinate the annual charities dinner ticket sales. As you well know, this is our biggest fund raiser and the participation of every member is very important to the success of the event. Much more to follow.
It seems like it has been forever since we had a meeting and I’m sure we all look forward to the beginning of President Robyn’s second half of her term. One thing for sure, as I suggested when she assumed the office, “fasten your seat belts.” Life is good.
A closing thought:
We should all be concerned about the future. We will live there someday.