The Spoke
Rotary’s Most Widely Read Newsletter
December 29, 2016
Submitted by Joseph Corona
Rotarians: Kathy Doerner, Kolly Kujawa, Marlene Manginell, Ray Manginell, Joe Corona, Herb Gauch, Terry Comins, Dennis Zink, Tom Smock, Spencer Shull, Robyn Whittaker, Ross Willink, Brian Winslow, Bill Ruoff
Visitors: John Doerner, Mary Gauch, Pat Font, Sue Johnson, Norie Willink, Amy Winslow, Isabel, Carlene, Nathan, Linda
Pledge of Allegiance:  Terry Comins
Prayer: Ross Willink
Location: Penfield Country Club
Miscellaneous Items
  • We were visited by our scholarship winners Isabel and Nathan
  • Nathan attends Univeristy of Pittsburgh and is studying electrical engineering.  He thanks Thomas for helping to prepare him for college.  He has joined Rotary Interact on campus.  He helps to collect snacks for city school kids in Pittsburgh
  • Isabel attends SUNY Geneseo and is studying Spanish and education.  She also thanks Thomas for helping to prepare her for college.  She has joined the Spanish and education clubs and is hoping to study abroad in Costa Rica in the future.
  • Both are very appreciative of the scholarship that Rotary provided!
50/50 Drawing
  • Bill Ruoff wins the 50/50 and wins $22
Happy Dollars
  • Brian – for his family gathering
  • Bill – for winning the 50/50, for his Rotary return after a little hiatus, for the song “It’s All About the Animals”
  • Dolly – for the holidays being over as well as no more cookies and happy that we were all here
  • Kathy – for the scholarship winners and the nice venue at Penfield Country Club
  • Robyn – for a healthy and safe New Year, our scholarship winners, and for her upcoming New Orleans trip for her brother’s 50th!
  • Ross – for our scholarship winners and Happy New Year
  • Spencer – for a great Christmas with family
  • Tom – for our scholarship winners
  • Dennis – for our scholarship winners and their families
  • Isabel – thank you for scholarship monies and dinner
  • Terry – for our scholarship winners and for being here after neck surgery
  • Herb – for our scholarship winners
  • Ray – for our scholarship winners
  • Marlene – for having her granddaughter over
  • Joe – for our scholarship winners and Happy New Year
Next week’s meeting is at Penfield Country Club