Webster Rotary Spoke
The official voice of Webster Rotary
Meeting of 1/14/2016
Last week you received the “NEW YORKER, version of The Spoke, this week is the “READERS DIGEST” edition.
Webster Rotarians present: Rich, Joan, Herb, Bob, Don, Joe P., Bill, Brian, Dennis
Visitors: Karen Collins, Pat Font, Tom Smock, Norie Willink, Amy Winlsow, Carmin Gumina, Speaker
Substituting for President Robyn, who is basking in the warm 40 degree sunny Florida sunshine, President Brian called on Bill for the Pledge to our flag and me for a prayer.
Business Items:
Brian reminded us that April is fast approaching and that the District Conference is April 29-May 1 in Hershey, Pa. Start making plans to attend
Rich is recruiting volunteers for the Garlic Festival.
Dennis is gearing up for the Charities Dinner.  Get you prospective buyers lined up for tickets there are 225              to be sold.
There are still 4 troop members who need a Rotary correspondent.  See Rich.
 Joan (good to have her back) thanked everyone for their good wishes, cards and help. She volunteered to bring the dessert for the meeting of 1/21.  She suggested that when we have a charitable organization speak to us, we each make a $5 contribution to the charity.  The board will consider that at the next meeting.
Program:  Joan introduced our speaker for the evening, Carmen Gumina.  Rather than use the 3 page vita that Carmen provided she said he grew up in Webster, was a biology teacher, an elementary school principal and is now Superintendent of Schools.  Carmen said he felt right at home at Schroeder Library because this was his school, the school he attended and from which he graduated.  Speaking in his usual informal, down to earth, informative style he selected as his format, 50 years of growth for the Webster Schools and Webster community.  He highlighted 1965, 1990 and 2015.  In 1965, Carmen was 5 years old and the first Gumina, Carmen’s older brother started in the Webster Schools.  In 1965 the town had a population of 19,000 and the schools had 3,250 students in 1990 the town grew to 37,000 and the schools 6,500 and in 2015 the town is 54,000 and the school 8,600.  In 1965 mirroring the culture of the time a popular club was “the Future Homemakers of America.”  Carmen showed a graph showing how from 1965-1990 you could see the trend of the society changing from manufacturing to service and technology. Shop because technology, a World of Work program had been started as well as a Math League.
 Carmen shared some interesting statistics about the district.
We are the 3rd largest district in Monroe County (Rochester and Greece being larger)
We’re in the top 25 districts in the state (out of 709 districts).   
We’re in the top 20 employers in Monroe County with 15,000 employee. (over half live in Webster)
The district has a graduation rate of 95%, if you consider those who have gone to the Webster district K-12 and it goes up to 99%. (You see students entering the district from disadvantaged areas, such as Pittsford have a harder time-Nah, just kidding I wanted to see if you were paying attention.
Our students have a 3.5 average in AP courses and last year we had 347 AP scholars. 
The Class of 2015 were awarded $10,000,000 in scholarships and did 3,500 hours of community service.
In addition to the regular studies the district is focused on developing 7 essential skills:
Resilence, collaboration, Time Management, Self Management, Communications,  Integrity, Perseverance,
After his informative and interesting presentation, Carmen took part in a lively question and answer discussion. In answer to a question about what bothers him most about Albany’s mandates or policies, he said the two things he would like changed deal with financing.  1.  They should “tweek” that tax cap to make it more attuned to real inflation and 2. Restore gap completely. The state borrowed money from the schools districts and has never repayed it.  Webster is owed 4.1 million, we will get 1.7 million of it back this year.
Very nice presentation Carmen-Thanks.
Happy Dollars: Carmen made most of us happy including: Brian, Dennis, Don, Bob, Herb, Joan, Bill, Joe and Ross.  In addition Karen was happy because Pat and Tom were back, Joan because she was back, Bill because Henry can walk, Herb for his 2 granddaughters, Joe because it’s his first meeting of the New Year and me for our 6 day old great grandson and because I had to destroy a waste paper basket that I used to hold up a shelf when I put a bench together.  It was jammed between the seat and shelf.
20 week 50/50 winners
$25 Bill Eametta#54
$15 Peter McGaw #36
$19 Bill Ruoff #192
Nest Week 6:30 P.M. Schroeder Library-Speaker is Mark Yeager
Failure is not Fatal” Carmen Gumina
A Belated Happy New Year