The Spoke
Rotary’s Most Widely Read Newsletter
March 2, 2017
Submitted by Joseph Corona
Rotarians: Robyn Whittaker, Rich Comins, Dolly Kujawa, Joe Corona, Kathy Doerner, Tom Smock, Bob Goldstein, Herb Gauch
Visiting Rotarians: Jim Isaac
Visitors: Dolly McGuire, Pat Font
Pledge of Allegiance: Tom Smock
Location: CDS Life Transitions Center  860 Hard Road
Taryn Mullen – Executive Director of CDS Wolf Foundation
  • Taryn is responsible for public relations and marketing for CDS along with fund raising efforts.  She has been with CDS 7 years.
  • Lou & Phyllis Wolf, the Quackenbush Family, and the Donahue Family started CDS in 1977.  This year is their 40th Anniversary.
  • The goal of the Life Transitions Center is to provide opportunities to people with diverse needs after the age of 18.  CDS has 26 residences and also one for veterans.
  • Taryn provided us a wonderful tour of their beautiful facility that was built in 2008.  They were originally located on Perinton Parkway.
  • We started in the Town Square, which included a media center, Dave’s Snacks (which is run by the students), an art studio, a dance and music studio, and a fitness and aquatics center.  As you walk through the facility, you will see many pieces of art that are available for purchase.  The media center provides the students an opportunity to Skype with local students in school.
  • Most of the students that visit the center use public transportation to get there and you may have seen the CDS buses in the community; recognizable by the butterfly!
  • Besides the residences, they have 4 other sites: 1 on Creek Street, 2 in Perinton, and a training facility on Blossom Road.
  • Many of the students that go to the Life Transitions Center have been to Camp Haccamo.
  • Fitness is a very important aspect of their life with 95% of the students using the fitness facility and they have goals that they want to attain.
  • The aquatic center is fully handicapped accessible and at the time it was built NYS didn’t believe pool therapy was necessary.  Because of this, the aquatic center was built through a $1M capital campaign.  Many veterans and seniors also use the facility.
  • As we progressed through the facility we come upon Flutter, the restaurant that is fully staffed and run by the students.  In fact, some of the students have progressed to jobs in the community as a result of their experience at Flutter.
  • CDS has 2 major fundraisers: Strikes for Abilities this Sunday at Empire Lanes and is celebrating its 10th anniversary and their 30th Annual Golf Tournament on 7/17 at Monroe Golf Club.  They also have business reach out to them to partner on fundraisers.
  • One other component to CDS is Unistel Industries.  Unistel provides work opportunities in the fields of mailing, packaging, fulfillment, and light assembly.  It has 80 employees and they do work for Wegmans, Dinosaur BBQ, and the NYS Prison System.
  • Additionally, they have a contract with Harris RF to assemble the dust cap for military radios and they have partnered with Harris RF for 10+ years.  They are always looking for new partnerships.
  • At the Blossom Road facility, they are producing and packaging over 55 different spices.  Their largest client is the U.S. military.  Branded Salute Seasonings, you can purchase them at Wegmans and a broader array online.  The proceeds benefit veterans.
  • iCircle is one of the newer parts of the CDS umbrella.  They provided managed long-term care serving Monroe and Wayne County.  The have 6 organizations in total under the CDS umbrella.
  • CDS employs 700+ employees and is celebrating their 40th Anniversary!  If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, you can contact Deb Beam at CDS.
  • Robyn updated us on Brian and that he is home and feeling great after his surgery.  He hopes to return next Thursday!
  • Herb – 59 tickets are out for Charities Dinner and we are in a good position at this point in time but we want to stay ahead of the game!
  • Grant application – we need to figure out which grant we want to apply for soon as the application is due in April
  • Dolly – 4/29 is cleanup day at Sunshine Camp; let Dolly know if you can assist
  • Rich – Garlic Festival update that the proceeds will benefit Miracle Field and we elected to help support Hope House with our portion of the proceeds
  • District Conference – if you are interested in attending the conference, the early bird expires 3/31 where the registration fee is $175; on 4/1 it increases to $200
  • Herb notified us that Mustafo from NEQ contacted him and offered to come in and talk to us about the recent conversations related to Union Hill and Webster emergency services; we all felt it would be a good idea and Herb will check with him and his availability
Upcoming Schedule
  • 3/9 – Penfield Country Club – Surprise Guest
  • 3/16 – Penfield Country Club – General Assembly
  • 3/23 – Penfield Country Club – Fritz Sierk on Patagonia
  • 3/26 – Foundation Brunch at Ravenwood
  • 3/30 – Induction of Dolly McGuire – Location TBD (possibly Hedges)
  • 4/8 – District Assembly @ Newark High School
  • 5/5 – Charities Dinner
  • 5/13 – Bike tour
  • 5/19-21 – District Conference in Erie, PA