(This Edition For 4/2/15)
Present: Bill, Ross, Robyn, Dennis, Dolly, Donna, Herb, John, Rich, Bob, Joe
Guests: Karen Collins, Terri Schuler, Barry Major, Karrington Major, Cherish Major, Stariah Major, Angela Major, Daniel Tronner, Shannon Fischer, Nick Delaney, Joe Netti, and, the one and only Professor Kevin French (who is also our speaker).
Flag: Kevin                        Prayer: Dolly                         Menu:   Buffet
TONIGHT’S PROGRAM:   PRESENTED BY KEVIN FRENCH -                                                                                                                        ‘TOOL KIT AWARDS TO (VETERANS) GRADUATING FROM HVAC COURSE AT MCC.’
Kevin outlined the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) program taught at MCC (Monroe Community College) stipulating that it is arduous, complicated and in the end teaches the student all there is to know about installation and repair of furnaces, other forms of heating units, ventilation (the ductwork that usually lies hidden throughout your dwelling) and air conditioning; it prepares the student for the outside world and the hiring rate for graduates of the program are phenomenally high.  Approximately 30% of the student population in the HVAC program are veterans and tonight’s recipients of the Johnstone Company HVAC Tool Kit are all veterans:
                           Barry Major/U.S. Air Force Supply
                        Daniel Tronner/U.S. Army Airborne/82nd Abn. Division (saw action in Haiti, Iraq,                                          and Afghanistan)                 
                           Nick Delaney/U.S. Navy and U.S. Army
                          Joe Netti
In a later conversation I had with Nick Delaney I found that he was stationed in Hawaii with the 25th Division.  The 25th is famously depicted in the movie, “From Here To Eternity” where some of the scenes are of the Schofield Barracks that are caught in the onslaught of the Japanese fighter planes at the onset of the Pearl Harbor attack, December 7, 1941.  Schofield Barracks are built in an architectural design known as ‘Quartel’ and I know of only one other army base that has such barracks and that is Fort Benning, Georgia, where I was stationed in such barracks coincidentally at the same time in 1953 when the movie was released.  I asked Nick what some of  his favorite memories were of Hawaii and he referred to not his navy experience nor his army experience but watching a burial ceremony taking place aboard and below the sunken U.S.S. Arizona, for there survivors of that fatal day in 1941 can request that their ashes be buried with their shipmates who lie entombed in the sunken ship.
Kevin went on to read letters written by the men being honored tonight; these letters were filled with praise for the program, for Kevin French and for the opportunity it affords a graduate to go out into the world and have an occupation that not only earns an income but provides a sense of pride for they will be serving clients that have a great need for those services.
The Tool Kits awarded tonight contain hand tools, electrical tools, ratcheting tools and many specific tools that are needed by such technicians in the HVAC field.  These kits (hand tools) go with the owner from job to job and they become very special to the owner, as having a special relationship.
In a semi-final note, Webster Rotary worked with Kevin French and MCC to obtain these tool kits, thereby providing a valuable role for community service; a role that these young men will remember for years to come.
On a final note, Kevin thanked the club for these awards; I think it is only fair to say, ‘Thank You, Kev, for the example you set forth and for providing the opportunity for people to learn a trade that is greatly needed in our highly technical society of the modern age.”
$HAPPY:  Bob, for Joe Netti
                  Donna, for sitting next to Bob
                  Herb, for the Tool Kit recipients
                   Dennis, for Tool Kit recipients
                   Robyn, for Tool Kit recipients, prayers for Brian’s Andrew
                   Kevin, for Tool Kit recipients, not having to …………. (what did you say, Kevin?)
                   Ross, for Dolly’s prayer, Tool Kit recipients, Cortland beat Ithaca in double overtime      and Scotty had 45 saves and an assist – ball went way downfield to an attacker who scored!)
                   Rich, for Tool Kit recipients, Bob won’t have to bug him anymore
                   John, for Tool Kit recipients and for this wonderful sunny day today.
An evening to remember.
Bill Ruoff, for Rotary