The Spoke
Rotary’s Most Widely Read Newsletter
June 1, 2017
Submitted by Joseph Corona
Rotarians: Brian Winslow, John Schuler, Herb Gauch, Ray Manginell, Terry Comins, Joe Corona, Rich Comins, Tom Smock, Dolly Kujawa, Ross Willink, Don Pegelow, Donna Henderson, Bob Goldstein, Bill Ruoff, Dennis Zink
Visiting Rotarians: Lee Loomis
Pledge of Allegiance: Brian Winslow
Prayer: Ross Willink
Location: Penfield Country Club
Charities Dinner Recap
  • Herb provided Charities Dinner recap
    • Tickets + extra dinners - $22,175
    • 50/50 - $750
    • Gift cards - $290
    • Total Revenue - $23,215
    • Webster Columbus Center - $1,493
    • Caterer - $3,357
    • Gift Cards - $140
    • Prizes $9,100
    • Total Expenses - $14,090
    • Total Profit - $9,125
  • Brian asked us to consider if it makes sense to continue with Charities Dinner; can we find other avenues that can help us fundraise?
Lee Loomis – Camp Haccamo Update
  • Lee Loomis joined us to review where we stand with Camp Haccamo
  • Committee was formed in 2015 to review Camp Haccamo and relationship with Sunshine Campus
  • In 2015, a letter was sent to all Presidents asking for feedback on the camp and 2 options were provided; Option A – continue with 2 week camp or Option B – hire Sunshine Camp to run 1 week camping session under the Camp Haccamo name but we would be out of the camping business
  • After all feedback was gathered, a vote was taken and by a 2 to 1 margin option A was selected and we remained in the camping business
  • Since this vote, a Go Forward Plan was put together and 1st week of camping season is dedicated to youth (up to age 18) and 2nd week of camping season is dedicated to adults (18-30)
  • Additionally, Causewave (formerly Rochester Ad Council) was hired to run annual appeal and create a brand platform that we can use and leverage
  • Multiple committees were created including Adult Retreat Weekend, Public Relations, Rotary Engagement, and Camper Engagement
  • An orientation program and director’s handbook was created for all club director’s on the Camp Haccamo board
  • A concerted effort is being made to create a road map of activities and milestones so that the Operations Committee functions are documented
  • Each officer and director is required to create a Personal Improvement Plan and each club is asked to have 2 members on the board; 2 new executive positions were created: Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary
  • Updated agreement with Rochester Rotary Charitable Trust
  • Created an Adult Retreat Weekend which runs Columbus Day weekend; this year it had 61 campers and this was focused on the population age 30+
  • We will continue to partner with Sunshine Camp to run Adult Retreat Weekend; we are the only Adult Retreat weekend in Western New York
  • 2016 Annual Appeal brought in $5,000; part of the Causewave output was also to solicit support from camper families and assess special needs population (youth 4,500 and adults 10,000)
  • Camp Haccamo is unique in that it encompasses all needs: physical, mental and emotional/behavioral
  • Costs $173,000 per year to run camp; Foundation $1.6M with rate of return between 4% and 6%; running $60,000 deficit annually
  • How can Rotarians help: car show, Annual Volunteer Day, Carnival Night, Prom Night, Adult Retreat Weekend, Haccamo Challenge, Josie Waverly dinner and concert, Annual Appeal
Rich Updates
  • Don’t forget to bring in your Garlic Festival volunteer sheet and troop donation
  • Prayers for Carol Mertz as she is in intensive care with low salt levels
50/50 Winner
  • Dennis Zink was the 50/50 winner but pulled the Queen of diamonds
Happy Dollars - $48
  • Ray – Lee’s presentation
  • John – brother-in-law is out of hospital
  • Dennis – Lee’s presentation
  • Terry – Lee’s presentation
  • Herb – Lee’s presentation; great Charities Dinner
  • Brian – Lee’s presentation; good District Conference; DC visit and his son is almost complete with becoming pediatric dentist
  • Lee – 12 presentations and 5 to go and has commitment from all to assist at Adult Retreat Weekend
  • Tom – Lee’s presentation; great Charities Dinner
  • Dolly – Lee’s presentation; great Charities Dinner; being happy
  • Ross – Lee’s presentation
  • Joe – Lee and Dolly’s commitment to Camp Haccamo
  • Bob – Webster is officially at $100 per member to Foundation
  • Donna – 7 year old and 9 year old great baseball players
  • Bill – Shelter Box; Polio Plus; Adopt a Platoon; Surprise, AZ event
  • Don – Lee’s presentation; Foundation
Upcoming Schedule
  • 6/8 – Regular meeting – location TBD
  • 6/15 – Regular meeting with Paul Harris presentation – Penfield CC
  • 6/22 – Regular meeting – Penfield CC
  • 6/23 – Robynpalooza @ Ontario CC 1:00 shotgun start
  • 6/26 – District Changeover Dinner @ Woodcliff
  • 6/29 – Changeover Dinner @ Hedges