Discussion Items:
 President Joe reviewed upcoming events and activities including:
o Camp Haccamo “Prom Night” on Thursday, Aug. 17. Dinner at 5:30 and a headcount is needed. Plans for car pool call for meeting at BJ’s parking lot at 4:15.
o District Golf Tournament is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 8 at Lima CC.
o Adopt-A-Platoon. Rotarians are reminded to bring a donation item each week such that we might be able to support sending a package to troops each week. Cash is acceptable to help pay postage.
o Saturday, Sept. 23 is the “ROCovery Fitness Friends and Family 5K” at Seneca Park. Rotarians are invited to join “Team Jordan” and on-line registration is available at <>. Note that a donation from Webster Rotary in Jordan Leavitt’s memory has been made.
o We’re reminded that Jordan’s Birthday Picnic is Wednesday, Aug 16 at Kiwanis Park.
o Save the Date! Rotary’s Camp Haccamo Challenge Walk is scheduled for Sunday, October 8th, 9:30am at the Sunshine Campus.
o We’re reminded of plans for the August 31st meeting devoted to organization and budget.
 President Joe reviewed the following Committees and positions that he’s seeking to fill, including:
o Vice-President’s position
o Rotary Foundation [Herb, Ross, Donna]
o The Spoke [Robyn & John]
o Membership
o Adopt-A-Platoon (liaison and gift packages)
o Interact / Scholarship
o Literacy / Dictionary Project / Little Libraries
o Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, Nov.2)
o Annual Christmas Party
o Charities Dinner [May 11 at K of C Center; Marketing, Ticket sales, Raffle, “Entertainment”]
o Robynpalooza Golf Tournament [Robyn]…likely June 29 at Ontario CC.
o “Green Space” including Webster Arboretum, Camp Haccamo garden, Adopt-a-Highway.
Guests: __Lil Campisi, Katie Peake & Parents__________________
Angelo Campisi
Rich Comins
Terry Comins
Joe Corona
John Doerner
Kathy Doerner
Herb Gauch
Bob Goldstein
Donna Hepburn
Jim Isaac

Dolly Kujawa
Dolly Maguire
Marlene Manginell
Ray Manginell
Don Pegelow

Joe Pustulka
Bill Ruoff
John Schuler
Spencer Shull
Tom Smock

Robyn Whittaker
Ross Willink
Brian Winslow
Dennis Zink


August 10, 2017
 A presentation was made to scholarship winner Katie Peake and her parents, Cindy & Todd. Katie outlined her college plans and goals to join the medical profession as a Forensic Pathologist.
Action Items:
 Robyn inquired as to interest in scheduling programs for the coming year’s Rotary meetings. A brief brainstorm generated the following possible focus areas:
Police Department representative
Chamber of Commerce representative
Medical / Health
Tours [perhaps quarterly or when Penfield CC is unavailable.
Don Milton, District President (9/21?)
Next Meeting: Thursday, August 24 Picnic at Winslow’s
 “Our 3 guests” (9x)
 “Go Bills and Yankees”
 “Terry’s niece is expecting a baby”
 “For everything”
 “Katie’s parents and younger daughter to be Interact Pres.”
 “Go Bills”
 “Katie’s plans to enter the medical profession”
 “Recent Gospel Choir performance”
 “Ross’s grandson getting married”
 “Guests and new Interact President”
Mark your Calendar!
8/17 – Camp Haccamo Prom Night
8/24 – Picnic at the Winslow’s
8/31 – Workshop at Penfield Country Club
9/8 – District Golf Tournament (Lima CC)
9/8-10 – Garlic Festival
10/8 – Camp Haccamo Challenge Walk
5/11/18 – Charities Dinner
50/50 : John Schuler - 4 of clubs