The Spoke
( not as creative as The John Doerner Spoke but still
 bringing the facts!!!)
Present: Herb, John, Dolly K, Don, Prez Joe, Robyn, Brian, Dennis, Donna, Ross, Terry, Tom, Rich, Bill, Bob, Jim Issac
President Joe started the meeting with Robyn leading the pledge and Ross doing his usual thoughtful invocation. President Joe asked for a motion on the floor to send a specific amount to the Houston Rotary Club to help with the flood disaster from Hurricane Harvey. A motion was made for the club to send $1000 with the option of any other member that wanted to contribute on their own to make a check out to Webster Rotary and it will be added to the total sum sent to Houston. Motion was seconded (is that a word?)and passed.
Robyn then took the floor to discuss the upcoming Rocovery Fitness Family fun 5 k walk/ run in Jordan's memory. The event is 9/23 and anyone wishing to donate can go to         
Anyone wishing to walk just check with Robyn.
President Joe passed around a pad of paper with the various committee needs for the club and encourage everyone to participate in at least one committee. The group will support all the events but a few people need to manage the events. Since Kathy and John were in Hawaii Robyn signed them up for every
Foundation chair Ross noted the following people as having paid their foundation dollars for the current term:
Bob Goldstein(he knew better not to pay right away. Haha)
Ray Manginell
Brian Winslow
Ross Willink
Don Pegelow
Donna Hepburn
Thanks to all that have gotten theirs in so quickly and when you are able please give your check made out to the Rotary Foundation( right Ross?)
Bob Goldstein won the 50/50 and because I was chatting with Herb I didn't hear the card he pulled but either way the game goes on..sorry Bob
Happy Dollars 😊💰😊💰😊💰😊
John today was the last day he would be 65
Tom happy for cow pastures
Jim Isaac happy to be here
Dennis happy for the Winslow party wanted to make it a Regular thing
Bob happy to give Bill money to happy dollars
Bill happy to give 2 dollars of Bobs money
Donna happy to be seated between two studs(not 2x4's)
Joe happy for the generosity of the club for Houston
Ross forgot what he was happy for
Dolly happy for a good camping 2 weeks
Terry has no idea what she is happy for
Rich was not happy
Brian was happy that his last son got married, both Shauna and Andy are now practicing dentists and that he has a new car with gps!
Herb was happy it was his maternal grandmother's 125th Birthday if she was still alive
Robyn was happy for the article in last Saturday's paper and the fact that her gospel choir is going to sing in Italy and that she is staying at the cat house. She also forgot to say thank you for the Paul Harris Award the prior week!
Bill Rouff brought up a project for the group to consider in helping a house on North Ave get the tlc it needs along with 3 church groups helping. The group asked for a more detailed scope of the project and a date before committing but is definitely interested in helping. More to follow.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!🎉🏕🚲🏌️⛷🍻🍷🍩🍦🌭🍔🌽👙😎