The Spoke
( not as creative as The John Doerner Spoke but still
 bringing the facts!!!)
Present: District Governor Don Milton, his life partner Ruth Cronkwright, Herb, John, Dolly K, Prez Joe, Robyn, Brian, Amy Winslow, Norie Willink, Donna, Ross, Terry, Tom, Rich, Bill, Ange and Lil Campisi, AG Linda Kohl, Mark Wyse from Ontario Walworth Club, Dolly M, Karen Collins.
President Joe started the meeting with I can't remember who leading the pledge and Ross doing his usual thoughtful invocation. President Joe asked for a motion on the floor to send more money to help with the flood disaster from Hurricane Harvey and Irma. A motion was made for the club to send $2000  to Rotary International to help with both disasters and to send our yearly $1000 to Shelter Box now. Ross moved and the motion was seconded by John and passed with all but one yea. Rich then gave a report on the Garlic Festival and said they saw 3700 through the door but the group had set a quota of $20000 gate fees to be met in order to continue with the festival. The amount was shy of $18,000 and Rich will not be chairman of the group next year. The fate will be decided soon.
Robyn suggested that the club consider having the October 12th meeting be a social one so the group could support the Miracle Field's Wine Tasting event. It is at the Webster Arboretum and is $40 which included food and wine. 
Adopt a highway is Oct 7 at 7:30 at the Gazebo park and then to complete your Rotary day... head over to Camp Haccamo Sunshine Campus to help serve lunch at 12 noon for the adult retreat weekend. Let Dolly K know if you are free to help.
Then...wake up the following morning and head to the Hike for Haccamo at the Sunshine Campus with registration starting at 9:30 and Walk at 10.
Linda Kohl then introduced Governor Don with a little information on his past as a faculty of empire state college, he joined the Penfield Rotary club 40 years ago. His lifetime partner Ruth Cronkwright is a member of the Fairport Rotary. District Governor Don then thanked Rich for his work with the shelter box, Ross Willink for everything he has done in his course of Rotary, and Bill Ruoff who he has known forever, and Dolly who was the secretary to him when he was running Camp Haccamo . He also recognized Mark Wyse as the past District Governor, Linda Kohl and Herb as the foundation chairs, and Linda Kohl as our assistant governor. He then went to talk on how Rotary international president Ian Reisley wants the making a difference team for 2017 to 2018 to focus on membership, foundation goals, and strategic development plan for clubs with visions, goals and measuring what was successful and what was not. Governor Don also mentioned the Atlanta International Conference where the main focus was talking about eradication of polio and the 42,000 members that were there had the opportunity to listen to Bill Gates speak and be committed to the match two for one for polio funds for the next three years.
President Riesley also talked about every Rotarian in the world planting one tree by the end of April in order to re-forest the planet as people of action campaign. District Governor Don also said he would like Webster to get a presidential citation and commanded us for always having our dues paid on time so we just need four more categories to get that citation.Don's initiative is to address child hunger and he really wants the district grants to be utilized by all the clubs and his hopes how to recruit alumni of past Rotarians to help exchange students and scholarship recipients to become Rotarians later in life.
Ruth gave us an update on the upcoming district conference to be held May 4 fifth and sixth at Saratoga New York and promised a lot of fun for all. She wanted everyone to go on the district website and check out the video of Don promoting the conference as it is very entertaining. Governor Don also mentioned that everybody needs to have three bones it which phone a backbone and a funnybone in order to get along in life. President Joe then proceeded to have Governor Don award Brian Winslow who is Paul Harris the word for making the level of contribution needed to Rotary international foundation.
Dolly gave us an update on Jim Isaac and said he is doing well from his knee surgery and should be home shortly but is appreciative of all the cards and communications from the club. Chuck Mertz is also doing well and Carol is all set in her new place. Bill Ruoff then talked about working on the house at 93 North Ave. they're scraping this weekend and will be painting on October 1 around 11:30- 12 o'clock start time he will have more details to follow.
Lil Campisi won the 50-50 and pulled the king of spades so the game continues. Happy dollars for today were; lots for Governor Don and his lovely partner Ruth, for other guests Linda Kohl and Mark Wyse, Brian for his Paul Harris award, Rich for the garlic festival, Donna was just happy to be here, Mark was happy that they were able to help out at the garlic Fest with his band and also thankful for all of our support for their upcoming charity dinner. Ross and Bill both were happy for each other's participation at their wellness on Wednesdays where they did a PowerPoint on the Webster Rotary. You go boys! More people congratulated Brian with their happy dollars, Bill Ruoff also was happy for Helen's 90th birthday and the fact that he was scraping the house and for working with Ross. Kathy was thankful for two weeks in Hawaii and our guest Ruth was happy for renewing friendships and Don was happy for being amongst friends and Robyn was happy that her gospel choir recorded a beautiful song to play at Jordan's burial on the 30th. She also mentioned that Jordan pranked them all by having somebody's phone ring at the only half rest of silence in the whole song. Next weeks meeting will be at Penfield Country Club and the speaker will be Barry Howard from the Webster Chamber of commerce. $129 was collected for happy dollars!
Thank you All!