The Spoke
Rotary’s Most Widely Read Newsletter
March 16, 2017
Submitted by Joseph Corona
Rotarians: Joe Corona, Dennis Zink, Rich Comins, Robyn Whittaker, Dolly Kujawa, Ross Willink, Brian Winslow, Bill Ruoff, Don Pegelow, Herb Gauch, Kathy Doerner, Bob Goldstein, Spencer Shull, Tom Smock, Donna Hepburn, Ray Manginell
Visitors: Norie Willink, Amy Winslow, Helen Ruoff, Denny & Kathie Brunner
Pledge of Allegiance: Joe Corona
Prayer: Ross Willink
Location: Penfield Country Club
We were entertained by “Heartstrings.”  Denny and Kathie Brunner are a guitar and fiddle duet.  They were joined by the vocal stylings of Bill Ruoff, Dolly Kujawa, Kathy Doerner, and Robyn Whittaker.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Denny and Kathie can be reached by email at or by phone at 315-986-2635
  • Dolly McGuire’s mother-in-law passed away recently
  • Rich updates on Adopt a Platoon – Kong is leaving for Afghanistan; he has sent 2 emails to Fort Drum and he has yet to hear back
  • Rich updates on Garlic Festival – the 3 charities that will benefit are Miracle Field, Hope House, and Community Chest
  • Rich announces return of Tour du Lac on 7/20; ride will benefit Wellspring Niagara Cancer Institute, more details to follow
50/50 Winner
  • Dennis Zink won 50/50 and pulled the Joker and then pulled 2 of hearts
Happy Dollars
  • Tom – Storms have passed and sunshine has returned; Pat’s doctor visit is tomorrow
  • Spencer – Electricity is back and the grandkids stayed over during power outage
  • Bob – Great entertainment and never lost power
  • Don – Great entertainment
  • Bill – Great entertainment
  • Ross – Great entertainment
  • Dolly K – Never lost power and hosted the Ruoffs as guests
  • Kathy – Great entertainment
  • Robyn – Successful pasta dinner for Relay (raised over $1,500); prayers for Penny Swingly; great entertainment; returns to the cat house Wednesday
  • Rich – Great entertainment
  • Donna – Happy day
  • Herb – Great entertainment and surviving the storm
  • Dennis – Great entertainment
  • Ray – All firefighters safe after a fire in the city during the day
  • Brian – Great entertainment and surviving the storm
  • Joe – Great entertainment
Upcoming Schedule
  • 3/23 – Penfield Country Club – Fritz Sierk on Patagonia
  • 3/26 – Foundation Brunch at Ravenwood
  • 3/30 – Induction of Dolly McGuire & John Doerner – Location TBD
  • 4/8 – District Assembly @ Newark High School
  • 5/5 – Charities Dinner
  • 5/13 – Bike tour
  • 5/19-21 – District Conference in Erie, PA