The official voice of Webster Rotary

Meeting of 10/11/2012


Webster Rotarians present: Ange, Father Paul, Herb, Bob, Donna, Maury, Dolly, Jerry, Chuck, Don, Roger, Dennis, Ross


Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  Jim Isaac (Rochester Club) Shirley Isaac, Lil Campisi, Mary Gauch, Paul Sanders (Speaker), Ted Swanson


Shirley Isaac lead us in the pledge to our flag and Father Pal offered a prayer.  Secretary for life Dennis informed us that Dolly and Jerry had upcoming birthdays so we wished them a Happy Birthday in song.


President Chuck announced that 6 people had signed up for the Rotary Leadership Institute on Saturday, November 3rd at Canandaigua Inn on the Lake. 


He also announced that he had received a communication from Jack Best, that a student from Webster Schroeder High School wanted to become a Rotary Exchange student and that we had to make a decision immediately as to whether or not we would sponsor her.  Although we have sponsored both outgoing and incoming exchange students in the past, the club felt that the timing was too short to make an informed decision and so we decided not to approve the exchange. Questions were raised as to why Jack was bringing the information to the club and not Dolly who is our representative for the exchange program, why such a short timeline, and why Jack interviewed the student and her parents when it is the host district’s prerogative and obligation to do conduct such an interview.  Dolly will contact Jack and try to get some answers.

20 week 50/50 $25 Terry Schuler, $15 Mary Ann McAlpin (sp?) $10 Judy Zink

Weekly 50/50 Roger drew the 3 of diamonds

Happy Dollars:  The happiest was Father Paul who gave $20 for his new Prius, Dennis-NY Yankees win, Bob-Yankees and Father Paul showing up, Roger-sitting next to Dolly, Herb-golf with Mary, Ange-Yankees and upcoming trip, Dolly-birthday, sitting next to Roger, Jerry-birthday, Donna-just happy, Maury-spending time with grandson at Susquehanna University.

Dictionary Project-Each Rotary member who is going to distribute dictionaries was given a sheet containing the school’s name, principal’s name, telephone number and the number of dictionaries.  There was also a page of instructions which I encourage every one to review.  The dictionaries are in my garage, in pile by school and can be picked up anytime.  The side door to the garage is unlocked if we’re not home.


Bob introduced our speaker, Paul Sanders, who is the director of golfing at Ravenwood Golf Club.  Bob has been taking golf lessons from Paul for 3 years and Chuck also is one of his pupils.  Paul is a 1987 graduate of Wayne Central and had his first experience with golf as a bag boy and general handyman at the Ontario Golf Course (now Brookwood). Paul has been in the golfing business for 28 years, the last 8 have been at Ravenwood where he started the Golf Academy.  Paul divided his presentation into 3 parts-Practice, Instruction and Club Fitting.  Throughout his talk he emphasized the need for accurate feedback.  If you don’t know what you’re doing right or wrong, you won’t know what to change or leave along.  One of his mottoes is “If you don’t know what to say, don’t say anything.”   Ravenwood is a public course so its state of the art practice facilities are open to the public.  They have grass tees with 7 target greens, a putting green, a performance studio and new bunkers are coming.  They plan to add a”trackman,” (which measures 22 parameters during each swing,) and a heated bay so it can be used 24 hours a day all year long.  To show steady improvement you must practice 3 or more times per week.  In instruction (which I think is Paul’s passion) you must set goals, commit the necessary time, and accept failure as part of the learning process.  The use of video to provide feedback is an important tool in instruction and club fitting.  In club fitting you are looking for accuracy, trajectory and consistency.  If you generate a club head speed of 90 miles per hour, your ball should go 250 yards, if it doesn’t it’s either you or the club.  In club fitting Paul makes recommendations, he never sells equipment.  In the time allowed Paul gave us much useful information, for the full impact of his presentation, as they say, “You had to be there.”  Paul’s first priority is “Taking care of people.”  He likes challenges and likes to improve a person’s performance, with Bob and Chuck as students I’m sure he has plenty of opportunity for both.


Important Up-Coming dates and events


Thursday, October 18 6:30 Streppa’s  Speakers Kelly Winslow and R.L. Thomas Interact Students on their trip to the Dominican Republic.  Guest Night

Saturday, October 20, 9 A.M. Clean-up at Camp Haccamo

Saturday, October 27-8 A.M. Highway Clean-up

Thursday, December 20-Rochester Rotary sponsored RPO Christmas Concert-Contact Jim Isaac for tickets.


Thought of the week, “You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have for instance.  Franklin P. Adams

Editor’s note- You can substitute golf for children and it still makes sense.