The official voice of Webster Rotary
Meetings of May 16 & May 23, 2013
The May 16th meeting was held at the Webster Thomas High School in conjunction with the Thomas Interact Club’s Induction Ceremony.
Webster Rotarians present: Rich, Herb, Dolly, Jim, Chuck, Don, Robyn, Ross
Guest: Karen Collins, plus Interact students and their parents
Kimberly Rugg, Rotary Interact Advisor welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The Thomas Interact officers reported on the clubs activities, which included more than 20 organizations that receive services from the club members.  108 students were inducted into the club, 25 whom were recognized with Distinguished Service Awards for 20+ hours of service.  President Chuck was the keynote speaker and gave and very appropriate talk about Rotary International and urged the Interact members to continue their volunteer activities in the community and college.  He encouraged them to join the Rotoract Club in college and if there wasn’t and Rotoract club to start one.  He congratulated all of the students for modeling the Rotary motto “Service Above Self”
.  After the meeting the members of Webster Rotary served refreshments.
Thought of the week:  “Spring is natures way of saying “Let’s Party
                                                Robin Williams
Meeting of May 23
Webster Rotarians Present: Ange, Rich, Kathy Doerner, Father Paul, Herb, Bob, Donna, Maury, Dolly, Jerry, Chuck, Don, Joe, Robyn, Dennis, Ross
Guests: Speaker-Major General Robert Mixon.
President Chuck lead us in the pledge to our flag, Father Paul delivered the prayer and Bob read the menu
President Chuck reported that John had informed him that Roger had been admitted to Strong Memorial Hospital.  The doctors haven’t decided on the appropriate treatment.  Although Roger  requests no guests, prayers and cards are certainly appropriate.
Rich had an E-mail from the troops reporting that they were doing fine and had no injuries.  They are looking forward to returning to Fort Drum in September.  If this holds true, the will probably have their welcome home celebration in October.
 Rich also reported that 34 of the 200 tickets for the 20 week 50/50 have been sold.  He distributed the rest to each member to buy or sell.  That works out to 8-9 tickets each.  Money for all tickets is due by July 1.
President Chuck received and communication from an Oklahoma Rotary Club informing all Rotary clubs that they were setting up and Hurricane Relief Fund, and clubs and individuals can make contributions to:
                        Oklahoma Rotary
                        Bi-District Tornado Disaster Fund
                        P.O. Box 13800
                        Oklahoma City, Ok. 73113-3800
Robyn announced that she had bags that would become luminaries for the “Relay for Life” on June 1.  The bags can be decorated with photos, poems, drawings, etc. and the person’s name and brought to next weeks meeting or to Robyn’s shop.  Donation per luminary is $5.
Herb had programs from the Charities Dinner and he suggested that anyone who had sold an ad should give a program to the person to show what the ad looked like.  He also reported that the first highway pickup was successful although there were only 2 Interact
Members and 3 Rotarians.  Thanks to those who showed up.
Adele had won $500 at the Reverse Raffle which she donated to the Rotary Foundation.
Happy Dollars: Ange-Roger and a new vehicle, Rich-Roger, Kathy-Memorial Day, Father Paul,- Roger and victims of  the hurricane, Herb-Roger and granddaughters 2 lacrosse goals, Bob-Roger and hurricane, Donna-just happy, Maury-Speaker, Dolly-Roger and daughters adoption of 3 children he has been finalized, Chuck-11 year old grandson Minnesota State Wrestling Champion, Joe-daughter, Robyn-just happy, Dennis-2 weeks in Mexico and Roger, Ross-Roger
50/50 Dolly won the chance to draw and came up short with the 3 of diamonds
Our speaker was Major General (Retired) Robert Mixon.  Jerry introduced the general and told of his impressive record of 33 years in the U.S. Army.  His last assignment was as Commanding General of the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado.  He also served ad Deputy Executive Assistant to General Colin Powell.  He is currently Executive Vice President of the CDS Monarch. (The General he has two sons in the army-both lieutenants.  One is currently deployed and the other is scheduled for deployment)
The General spoke to us about the Warrior Salute Program “that helps veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury regain their lives and dreams.”
This is and unique, one of and kind, program and its home office is right here in Webster at the CDS Monarch facility 860 Hard Road.
The Warrior Salute Program provides “quality clinical and rehabilitation therapies, employment opportunities, and temporary housing.”  They have the Nucor house in Penfield for temporary housing of their clients.  To illustrate the need for such and program, General Mixon said that on any given night there are 50,000 veterans who are homeless, sleeping under bridges, in doorways or other outdoor areas.  The program cost $500,000 per year or approximately $25,000 per veteran.  The program gets no government support and depends upon individual contributions and company partners.  They also make a high quality seasonings which they sell.
Two unique aspects of the program are that they continue on-going contact and support when and veteran he has completed the 6 months program and they also provide support for the veteran’s family.  The General said that we should be proud of what Webster is doing and invited us to visit the Hard Road facility and to serve as volunteers in the program.
He closed by reminding us that 3 P.M. Monday (Memorial Day) is the official time to pause and honor all those men and women who have given their lives in defense of our country.  Thank You, General for and very interesting presentation about and much needed service for our veterans.
Upcoming Programs
Tuesday, May 28th, 7 P.M. Schroeder Interact Induction Ceremony, Schroeder High School Auditorium.
Thursday, May 30th 6:30 P.M. Speaker Carolyn Adriaansen, “Have Outhouse will travel
Guest night
Thursday, June 6th 4 P.M. Don Killian, Tour of Channel 8 , 201 Humboldt Street, followed by Club Assembly at Streppa’s Club Assembly-Guest Night
Thursday, June 13th-Speaker-Tim McDonnell-osher, “Geography”-Guest Night
Thursday, June 20th-speaker Kathy Doerner “Cancer-Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” Guest night
Thursday, June 27th 6:30 Change Over Dinner-Paul Harris Awards
Thought of the Week
Memorial Day is one of the most significant and beautiful occasions of the year.  It shows the sentiment of the people toward those who gave their lives for and good cause and it teaches and lesson in patriotism which is without parallel.”  Rev. C.E. Allison