Webster Rotary Club Newsletter
"The Spoke"
Meeting of  May 30th, 2013
Members present:
President Chuck, Rich C., John S., Herb G., Dolly, Ross, Billy R., Don P., Jerry, Donna, Bob G., Ange, Robyn, and yours truly, DZ.
Karen Collins, St. Henry, Kujawa, Terry Schuler, Mary Gauch, Sharon Kildal, Brian & Amy Winslow, Lil Campisi.
Roger update:
Thanks to John & Terry and Chuck, we have been receiving timely updates as to Roger and we know as of this writing that he is now at home resting and regaining his strength. We will be advised when he can have visitors but in the meantime cards and notes would no doubt be appreciated (982 Danby Drive). Meals for Frieda and soft foods for Roger would no doubt be well received and also appreciated.
Platoon update:
Troops are doing well. Slow period so some time to kick back (Thought of the year: How do you kick back in a war zone?).
Rich is eagerly accepting goods to send to the troops. Has sent 9 more boxes.
Tour du Lac:
Our Canadian friends now have 12 riders signed up for their annual Tour du Lac and they are looking forward to their visit to our very hospitable Rotary club. This is a great event and we all have fun and feel good when they ride into Webster. Just another thing we do well.
50/50 Raffle:
We have sold 61 tickets thus far of the 200. Rich would like to sell out by end of June. "Nuff said.
Disaster rebuild Volunteerism:
Rich's contact in Washington, D.C. is putting together a local contingent to go to Moore, Oklahoma July 20-27th and Rich will be re-visiting Joplin, Missouri in October. Any interest, see Rich. (Question: How does this guy do it all?)
"Have Outhouse, Will Travel"
Well, if you missed this program, you missed a dandy. We learned what a stand-up comedienne does when she retires from the likes of the Las Vegas strip or the Atlantic City boardwalk...she becomes the librarian for the town of Marion and puts together a very interesting lecture on outhouses of our region and elsewhere. Carolyn Adriaansen had us rolling in the aisles with her informative and delightfully humorous talk that described the various types of outhouses going back to the last two centuries.  The "Rules of the Privy" were included in her talk along with descriptions of the various types of holes that were prevalent in the outhouses. She laced her talk with jokes related to outhouses including my all-time favorite about the guy who accidentally dropped a quarter down a one-holler while on a fishing trip in the north woods. Unbeknown to him, his fishing buddy observed the mishap and was quite surprised when his partner took out a five dollar bill and dropped it down the hole. He exclaimed, "Now why did you do that?!" to which his buddy replied, "You don't think I'm going down there for just a quarter, do you?"
Carolyn was a great speaker and we will have to have her back for an encore performance. Thanks, Carolyn.
Big 50/50 Drawing:
Donna drew the King of clubs but missed the Ace of spades and the pot is now $240+.
Thought of the Week
The true test of civilization is, not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops,-no, but the kind of man (and woman-added by DZ) the country turns out.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our forthcoming program this week, June 6th (also D-Day) will be a tour of Channel 8. Car pool leaves Streppa's parking lot at 3:30 P.M. with dinner and club assembly afterward...Guest Night.