The official voice of Webster Rotary
Meeting of June 13, 2013
Webster Rotarians Present: Ange, Rick, Kathy, Herb, Bob, Maury, Dolly, Jerry, Chuck, Don, Bill, John, Robyn, Brian, Dennis, Ross
Visiting Rotarians and Guests: Jim Isaac (Rochester), Karen Collins, Shirley Isaac, Sharon Kildal, Norie Willink, Tim McDonnell (Speaker)
President Chuck with a ringing of the bell convened the meeting.
Kathy-Salute to our flag, Me-prayer, Bill-song “Smile”, Bob-Menu
When called to give Rotarian’s birthdays and anniversaries Dennis must have been tired of saying “nothing to report wait until next week” because he searched the Internet and reported such birthdays as Barbara and George Bush and Hopalong Cassidy.
Announcements and reports
President Chuck reported that we were close to 100% in contributions to the Rotary Foundation only 3 members have not made a contribution.  There are 2 more weeks to make a contribution during this fiscal year.
Rich reported that there are still 102 tickets out for the 20 week 50/50 raffle.  He would like to start the draw in July so all monies should be in by July 1.
He also reported that the good news is that the Webster based 401 Army Reserve Unit will not be deployed to Afghanistan.  The bad news is that we will have to adopt and different troop.
I reported that Norie and I had visited Roger and Freida Tellier and Freida gave us this note to read to the club.  “Thank Rotarians for rides, muffins and salads, flowers and cards, homemade applesauce, home haircut, meals for Freida (found in the refrigerator), good wishes, 1 perfect rose on doorstep, you know who you are, thanks!!!”
50/50 My number was called and I drew an ace but unfortunately it was the ace of diamonds.
Happy Dollars: Kathy-happy to be here among happy people, Robyn $10 for a great day at the LPGA and her upcoming golf tournament, Herb-Red Sox’s took 2 out of 3 and Robyn’s tournament, Jim Isaac-just being here, Ange-ditto Jim, Bill-Granddaughter and sister’s OK after car accidents, Maury-LPGA thanks to Bob, and speaker, Dolly-Son’s back operation, Dennis-rain moving on, Brian-1st regular meeting and daughter getting tenure at East Irondequoit, Me-granddaughter Gretchen 2nd in Mid-Atlantic Crossfit games and for visit to the Telliers.
Speaker: Our speaker was Tim McDonnell, a former junior high science teacher in Victor and currently an instructor at MCC and in the Osher program at RIT.  Osher is a program for people over 50 who are interested in lifelong learning.  Tim talk was about the importance of Geography in Modern America or “Why geography matters”.  He started his presentation by illustrating how ignorant many Americans are when it comes to knowledge about geography, including the ability to read a map. He then proceeded by demonstrating the importance of geography in many aspects of our lives.  For example, the topography of the land around the nuclear plant in Japan lead to the safety features of that plant being underwater thus causing the nuclear disaster.  Another example is that the Mohawk River separates the Adirondack Mountains from the Catskill, making it possible for NY State to build the Erie Canal and become thus the Empire State and opening up the westward expansion of the United States. Pennsylvania’s canal system was not successful because they have no gap in their mountains.  While we all may be aware that part of the city of New Orleans is below sea level, probably few were aware that New Orleans is closer to the Gulf of Mexico than it used to be.  This resulted from damming the Mississippi so that the Mississippi delta is smaller than before.  This makes it more difficult to protect New Orleans from future hurricanes.  Centers of population are very much controlled by the geography of the area.  Most large centers of population are located near bodies of water.  In NY State the major cities are along the Erie Canal, the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean.
Tim also talked about the changing demographics of the world, the aging population, the effect of wars and disease on the population growth and the predicted age distribution in various countries.  Russia  has a very low birthrate leading to an aging population while Mali has and very high birthrate leading to a young population.
Tim’s presentation was interesting and informative with outstanding visuals.  Thanks Tim
President Chuck reminded us that June 27th is the Change Over Meeting with the presentation of the Interact Scholarship and Paul Harris Awards.  A count of those planning to attend is needed.
Next week Kathy Doerner will speak on “Cancer-yesterday-today-tomorrow”
Thought of the week
“It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it”  John Steinbeck
Until next week