Webster Rotary Club Newsletter
"The Spoke"
Meeting of June 20th, 2013
Members present:
P-e Rich, John Schuler, Dolly, Ange, Billy R., Don P., Jerry, Bob G., Ross, Robyn, Kathy D., newest member Brian Winslow, Donna, Herb, and, yours truly, DZ.
Norie Willink & lil Campisi
Please take notice!!!
This Thursday, June 27th, will be our annual changeover dinner to welcome new slate of officers for 2013-2014 Rotary year. It will be a GUEST NIGHT, usual 6:30 PM starting time at Streppa's.
We will also award two scholarships to Webster Thomas/ Webster Schroeder Interact students. Editor's note: This is always a great moment as we have a first-hand chance to meet some of the great students in our school system and learn about their future plans.
We will also bestow Paul Harris awards to two worthy recipients. Always a mystery and always well-deserved.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Ross & Norie celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on June 19th. Congratulations and many happy returns.
Maury & Sharon celebrated their anniversary on the 22nd and, in addition, it was Maury's birthday.
Yours truly and Joan Fyfe will celebrate birthdays on the 26th. By the way, did you see Joan's name in the "D&C" on Sunday in that article about the long-closed safe that is to be opened this week that relates to Susan B. Anthony. Joan had a part in the project.
The big 50/50 drawing was won by Jerry who drew the two of clubs so the pot is now up to $266.
Numerous Happy Dollars were contributed for a wide spectrum of events which each week greatly enhance our ability to continue our projects so please continue to "don't worry, be happy."
Dolly reported that the PGA in August needs volunteers in virtually all categories. The Sunshine Camp is a benefactor of the event so it's worth the time investment.
Dolly also reported that the Classic/Antique Truck & Car meet will be held at the Damascus temple on July 14th, benefit of Camp Haccamo.
The annual Hike for Haccamo will be held on October 12th.
Our program for the evening was presented by Kathy Doerner, one of our newer members and a privilege to have as a Webster Rotarian.
Kathy's subject was "Cancer, Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow."
Kathy graduated from Niagara University and the very next day began her career as a cancer nurse at Roswell in Buffalo. She wanted to be a nurse from age two (yes, age two) and never looked back. She thought she wanted the challenge of the Emergency Department but by chance started at Roswell where she found her life passion and has subsequently lived it for 33 years, primarily at Rochester General.
Back in the day, when you heard of someone being admitted to Roswell it was akin to a last futile attempt to cure the patient, usually unsuccessfully. Today Roswell is a sprawling campus of research labs and is administering treatments to live with many forms of cancer if not totally cure them.
Kathy's major career venue has been Rochester General. She emphasized early detection, early detection, early detection. In men the most prevalent cancers are prostate, lung and colon. In women breast, lung and colon are most prevalent. All can be detected early but you MUST be your own advocate and get checked out at regular intervals, especially as we grow older. The hierarchy of treatment is surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and several others that require extensive description.
Kathy spoke of the joy of watching a cancer patient check out of the RGH treatment program knowing she would never see the patient again because they were completely cured. There have been so many breakthroughs in early cancer detection/treatment that people routinely live long lives with cancer and in many instances pass away from something other than the cancer itself. 
At the conclusion of her presentation Kathy held two fingers together, almost touching. She said we are just that far away from finding a cure from that horrid disease and we all hope we will live to see it.
Kathy's enthusiasm for her chosen career was inspiring, to say the least. I am sure we all share the same opinion that we are honored and privileged that she chose to join our Webster Rotary family. Thanks, Kathy. 
Please remember to bring in items to send to the troops. We have 28 hungry guys to take dare of.
Thought of the Week
A penny saved is a government oversight.