The official voice of Webster Rotary
  Meeting of August 1, 2013
Webster Rotarians present: Ange, Rick, Kathy, Herb, Bob, Maury, Dolly, Chuck, Joe, Bill, John, Robyn, Brian, Dennis, Ross
Visiting Rotarian and guests: Jim Isaac (Rochester, )Shirley Isaac
After the reading of the menu, pledge to our flag and prayer, President Rick announced that this evening was a club assembly and a chance for members to bring up any topics of concern.
He then read a Thank You note from John, Dawn, and Freida Tellier expressing their appreciation for everything that the Rotarians did in memory of Roger.
Rick then announced the following actions of the Executive Committee:
*Agreed to sponsor a new troop from the 3rd division out of  Fort Drum starting in December 2013.  Our current troop should be home from Afghanistan in November.
*Our organization chart calls for a President, President Elect, and Vice President.  For the 1st time in many years we now have someone in each position. Robyn has agreed to be Vice President.
* Herb continues as Chairman of the Membership Committee
* Dennis has agreed to assume Roger’s role with the Rotary Grove.  He and Rick will meet with Mark Yeager (Webster Parks and Recreation) in the near future.
* Rick asked for volunteers to take care of the food at our various events.  Kathy volunteered to be responsible for the Christmas Party (12/13), Brian and Herb for the Pancake Breakfast (11/17).  We still need someone to provide the refreshments at the 2 Interact Ceremonies
* The Charities Dinner will be organized by Robyn, Jerry and Herb.
* Joe will coordinate the Oratorical and Music scholarship contests at both Thomas and Schroeder.
*Chuck raised the question about the use of our Website.  He said he would be willing to manage it if we would make greater use of it.  This resulted in a lengthy discussion as to why it isn’t used more and ways to increase its usage.  Concerns were expressed about the difficulty of getting to various sections of the site and that the site was not user friendly.  It was suggested that the whole club needs a program on how to navigate the site and those putting information on the site need training on how to use the new format.  It was further suggested the biographical information should be added to each members profile and that these profiles should be kept up to date.  It was observed ested that with new and younger members we need to make more use of electronic communications. Smart phones, Facebook and Twitter are not the future they are the present. Chuck agreed to take on the responsibility of Website Manager and will try to incorporate some of the suggestions.
Why did Robyn and Kathy wear cowboy straw hats to the meeting?  I say tomato, the say tamato, I say Rotary and they say Rodeo.  It seems that when Robyn & Kathy were in NYC, spending their Rotary winnings, they both misspoke saying “rodeo” when they were referring to Rotary.  Tonight they were really wearing Rotary/Rodeo hats.
Herb thanked those who helped with the recent Adopt-And-Highway pickup and said the next one will be in September after school starts.
A quandary-too many Happy Dollars, my slow note taking skills, other people talking are my excuses for not recording all of the Happy Dollar donations.  The quandary-should I publish those I have readable notes on and possibly offend those who I missed or not report any Happy Dollars?  With apologies to those I missed or misquoted here is what I have.  Happy Dollars from Kathy-PGA and Buffalo Bills in town, Bob-just happy, Ange-granddaughter is getting married, Jim Isaac-record month for Isaac, cash register just kept ringing, Chuck-Shirley being here, Dolly-?, Maury-visit to Cape May, Joe-anniversary and Tiger not liking Oak Hill Greens, Brian-for the chocolate syrup and being able to repair broken teeth for a former patient who drove up from Long Island for the appointment, Rich-getting rid  beans and squash.
20 week 50/50 winners #83, #15, #30.
50/50 drawing-Ange drew the 7 of diamonds.  6 more numbers were then drawn and each winner got green beans or squash from Rick’s garden.  Thanks Rick, the beans were delicious.
Up Coming Events:
Thursday, August 8-District Governor Ellen Hughes official visit. Guest Night
Thursday, August 15-Club Assembly
Thursday, August 22-Camp Haccamo Senior Ball, 5 P.M. at Rochester Sunshine Camp
      (Takes place of regular meeting)
Thought of the Week
Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much” Robert Greenleaf
My apologies to John (another one of my senior moments), the thought of the week that Bob read was for 7/25 not 8/1.  The two weeks were in reverse order on the website and I erroneously indentified the wrong quote.
See you next week.
                                                Meet our new District Governor
   Ellen and Jim Hughes
Ellen and her husband Jim are both members of the Waterloo Rotary Club.  Ellen he has been a Rotarian for 18 years and has served as President of her club on two occasions.  She he has been active in the Youth Exchange Program on both the district and club level.  She has an adult daughter, son and step-daughter.  She is the grandparent of an “adorable little girl” and expects and second grandchild this month