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February 8, 2018
Attending Members:  Rich C, Terry C, Joe C, Kathy D, Bob G, Donna H, Jim I, Dolly K, Dolly M, Ray M, Don P, Spencer S, Tom S, Robyn W, Robert W, Ross W, Brian W.
Discussion Items:
  • President’s Intro
  • Greetings, Pledge of Allegiance, and Blessing (thank you Brian)...and thanks to Kathy for taking notes tonight.
  • Joe shared a “Thank You” from Santa (Ron LaForce) for our donation to School of the Holy Childhood in honor of his wife.
  • Fairport Rotary is hosting their “Savor the Flavor” fundraiser on March 4th…$40 per ticket.
  • Our first breakfast at Open Door Mission is tomorrow.  We’ve received a $50 gift card from Wegmans to help with some of the costs.
  • Saturday’s “Welcome Home Troops” celebration could affected if anticipated government ‘shutdown’ comes to fruition.  Vote is tonight.  Rich will receive a call in the morning…attendees should watch for email.
  • Next Thursday’s meeting (2/15) will be held at Penfield Country Club.  In addition to recognizing St. Valentine’s Day we anticipate visits from AG Linda Kohl (re: District Conference), Norma Reilly, and special guests (thanks Robyn!).
  • In two weeks (2/22) we will return to the Webster Community Center where our meeting will focus on a “Golf Workshop”.  The management committee (Robyn, John S, and Joe C) met to determine the recipient of funds raised at the Robynpalooza.
  • No report on Child Hunger initiative.  Dolly K will contact Hope House.
  • Jim Isaac updated details on the upcoming Euchre Party (March 4th)
  • Sunshine Gala is Saturday, February 10th.  Tickets are still available.
Happy Dollars donated in thanks & recognition of…
  1. 7 days to Robert’s induction into Rotary
  2. For supporting Open Door Mission
  3. Keep fingers crossed that ‘Welcome’ is still on.
  4. For a great Super Bowl
  5. For Jordan’s Sandal Dinner (see Robyn for explanation.
  6. For a good meeting and no government shutdown.
  7. For “my grand-nephew and granddaughter”
  8. “Just plain unhappy”
  9. For 8 hours of Nancy Pelosi’s filibuster-style speech in support of DACA.
  10. Prayers for Budget
  11. For a good meeting
  12. For a new grandson
  13. Great dinner and for a successful Saturday ‘Welcoming”
  14. For Saturday
  15. “Just sold my house”
Mark your Calendar!
  • Valentine’s Dinner at PCC 2/15
  • Golf Tourney “workshop” meeting Feb. 22nd
  • March 9th  Open Door Mission Breakfast
  • District Conference May 4 - 6
  • Robypalooza – Friday, June 29th
50/50 :   Robyn draws…6 of Diamonds
Next Meeting
Thursday, Feb. 15th
Penfield Country Club
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.