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January 25, 2018
Attending:       Rich, Terry, Joe C, John D, Kathy, Herb, Bob, Donna, Dolly K, Spencer, Ross, Brian, Dennis
Guest:              Robert
Discussion Items:
< >President’s IntroGreeting, Pledge of Allegiance, and Blessing (thank you Brian).This is our second consecutive meeting at the Webster Community Center (WCC) with a similar meal of soup, salad, and sandwiches as last week.  Joe C will seek a menu of ‘possibilities’ to share as more options are available.  Note that everyone in attendance was very happy with the quality and current selections thus far.Joe shared letters of thanks from Camp Haccamo in response to donations.A special welcome was offered to Robert Williams as he will soon become a Rotarian.Assistant District Governor Linda Cole is expected to attend our Feb. 15th meeting, primarily to discuss the District Conference in Saratoga.  Kathy shared information on the “Iron Chef” competition that she will be running at the Conference.District Governor Don Milton is asking for proposals with a focus on how to address childhood hunger in our community.  A total of $5,000 is available, divided between 5-10 clubs.  Each 2-page proposal outlining a plan and including supporting rationale is due Feb. 15th.  Suggested local recipients included the Webster Food Cupboard and supporting school initiatives.Joe noted we are still looking for suggested recipients of proceeds from this summer’s Robynpalooza Golf Tournament.  Please send your ideas to Joe, Robyn or John S asap.Rich updated plans for the “Welcome Home Troops” celebration including guest dignitaries.  Details on carpools and setup plans are expected at our next meeting.Committee signup.  Joe is looking to designate a ‘chair’ for each committee with the expectation that a status report would be given at our first meeting of each month. 
< >Greenspace Planning…3 areas of concentration: Arboretum.  There was some discussion on the status of this area of responsibility.  It was suggested that Lowes could supply materials and labor.  We need some clarification on development plans (i.e. viability of a proposed bridge?) before definitive planning.Camp Haccamo greenspaceAdopt-A-Highway.  Joe expressed need for a person to take responsibility for maintaining supplies (hats, vests, orange bags, etc.) and arranging “pickup” dates 4 x each year.  We need to maintain a relationship with DOT that includes confirmation of 2-year commitment.  Thanks to Brian for volunteering to be the designated contact person.For future reference it was again suggested our next ‘social’ meeting be held at Proietti’s Restaurant on February 15th.  Several noted an on-going conflict with other scheduled events at the restaurant that might require an alternative location, not to mention the difficulty getting a reservation so close to Valentine’s Day.  A surprise “Special Guest” performance has been planned.
Happy Dollars donated in recognition of…
  1. Great news and welcome to Robert x 6!
  2. Thanks to Rich for coordinating celebration.
  3. Thanks for Elton John tickets!
  4. Another year J
  5. Delighted to be here
  6. Brian’s grateful for ‘23’ (and welcome to granddaughter!)
  7. Thanks for hospitality and moving forward.
Mark your Calendar!
  • Rotary Meeting – Feb. 1st
  • Open Door Mission Breakfast-Feb. 9th
  • Welcome Troops Celebration-Feb. 10th
  • Robypalooza – Friday, June 29th
50/50: Spencer draws 5 Clubs
Next Meeting: Thursday, February 1st at Webster Community Center