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Attending:  Rich, Terry, Joe, John D, Kathy, Herb, Bob, Donna, Jim, Dolly K, Dolly M, John S, Spencer, Tom, Robyn, Ross, Brian, Dennis
Discussion Items:
  • President’s Intro
  • Greeting, Pledge of Allegiance, and Blessing (thank you Brian).
  • We were informed that Rick & Audrey will soon be leaving the Webster Community Center.  Our meal plans will change should we continue to meet at the WCC.
  • Our Feb 15 meeting (with guest Linda Kohl) will return to Penfield CC.
  • Rich updated plans for the “Welcome Home Troops” ceremony.  All are cautioned to send Rich names, including guests, of those planning to attend.  Photo ID is required.
  • Open Door Mission update.  We will be serving breakfast on Friday, Feb. 9th.  Participants should meet at Hegedorn’s at 6am.  Kathy will do all shopping for this first venture.
  • Camp Haccamo Board of Directors is seeking a Treasurer should anyone be interested.
  • Rochester Rotary is campaigning to fund a formal playground at the Sunshine Campus.  As part of this campaign there will be a Euchre Tournament March 4th at the Rotary Office Bldg on Linden Ave.  (Flyer attached)
  • The call for suggested charities for the Robynpalooza Golf Tourney has generated 5-6 potential recipients so far.  All are encouraged to continue submitting potential names.
  • Robyn promoted the “Savor the Flavor” annual event sponsored by Fairport Rotary.  All are encouraged to attend & observe with consideration as a potential event for Webster Rotary.  March 4th, 1-4pm at Eagle Vale Golf Club.
  • Wasted Management has donated $300, as a result of their Open House supported by Interact students, to be divided between clubs at each High School.  Dolly K will contact advisors.
  • Robert Williams induction into Rotary is anticipated for the February 15th meeting.
  • Kathy updated information on the District Conference in Saratoga, May 4-6 this spring.  Currently expected to attend include Dolly K, Joe, Kathy & John, Robyn, Tom, and Dolly M.  Online registration goes ‘live’ on Feb. 10th.  It’s Kentucky Derby weekend (also Star Wars Day…”May the 4th be with you”), likely to be a theme for the weekend.
  • Suggested future program…completion of “Little Libraries” project.
Happy Dollars:
  1. Ross thanks for the newsletter.
  2. Several thanks for our new member Robert.
  3. Robyn thanks all of our Rotarians and her “Jordan T-shirt Quilt”
  4. Tom thanks the culinary efforts of Rick & Audrey.
  5. Herb is happy to be part of a great club.
  6. Brian’s grateful for ‘baby poo’ and an upcoming trip to Florida.
  7. Bob & Donna offered thanks for and grandchild’s birthday and “all the nice people here”
  8. Jim was happy for 5 beautiful days in Aruba.
  9. Dolly happily signed a purchase contract on her cottage.
  10. Kathy is thankful that Rotary is continuing support of Open Door Mission (and Go Eagles!)
  11. Spencer is happy for the recent nice weather.
  12. Rich…just for the He_ _ of it!
Mark your Calendar!
  • Rotary Meeting – Feb. 8th
  • Open Door Mission Breakfast-Feb. 9th
  • Welcome Troops Celebration-Feb. 10th
  • Golf Tourney “workshop” meeting Feb. 22nd
  • Robypalooza – Friday, June 29th
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