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February 15, 2018
Attending Members:   
Rich C, Joe C, John D, Kathy D, Herb G, Bob G, Dolly M, Ray M, John S, Spencer S, Tom S, Robyn W, Robert W, Ross W, Brian W.
Guests: Linda Kohl, Norma Reilly, Jerry & Jean Christopher, Karen Collins, Mary Gauch, Lynn Goldstein, Shelby Smith, Amy Winslow, and several other spouses, partners, and guests.
Discussion Items:
President’s Intro
  • Greetings to our many guests, Happy Valentine’s Day, Pledge of Allegiance and song (thank you Kathy), and heartfelt Blessing (thank you Brian).
  • A brief recap of two significant events in the past week:
  1.  Breakfast was served at the Open Door Mission this past Friday (2/9).  There was great energy and comradery with this first of what we anticipate to be a monthly service.
  2. “Welcome Home Troops” celebration took place on Saturday (2/10).  Attendees reported a highly successful event.  It was noted that there was excellent media coverage, great food, and grateful troops.
  • Next week we return to the Webster Community Center with a workshop meeting focused on planning for the Robynpalooza Golf Outing.
  • Two upcoming events of note include the “Savor the Flavor” fundraiser hosted by Fairport Rotary at Eagle Vale Golf Club and the Rochester Rotary’s Euchre Tournament….both are scheduled for Sunday, March 4th.
Action Items:
  • District Assistant Governor Linda Kohl presented on the upcoming District Conference, May 4-6 in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Linda showed us the promotional video and shared detail on several of the events.  Note that our own Robyn Whitaker is the program coordinator for the weekend.  Online registration is expected to be open soon.
  • Norma Madayag-Reilly, our District Membership Development Chair, spoke briefly on strategies for local clubs to increase membership.  She emphasized “getting to know Rotary” and various local initiatives.
  • Of Special note was the formal induction of Robert Williams as a full member of Webster Rotary.  Welcome on-board Robert!
  • Thanks to Robyn for inviting Jerry & Jean Christopher as singing ‘entertainment’ this evening.
                                                                                      Welcome to Robert Williams
Happy Dollars donated in thanks & recognition of…
  1. Welcome to Robert & Shelby (x15!)
  2. Thanks for all the Valentines.
  3. For Rich and his efforts in organizing the troop welcome.
  4. For the new Rotary pin, coin & Valentine’s Day
  5. A trip to Disney.
  6. A “lovely evening”.
  7. A great breakfast at ODM and welcome home to troops.
  8. For ODM breakfast and grateful for Isaiah House dinner.
  9. Thank you for the Invitation.
  10. Thanks for a fun night with Webster Rotary.
  11. For Officer Mark Reed’s promotion, Karen getting him all dressed up!
  12. For Jean & Jerry tonight; “Sing More, Complain Less”.
  13. For Linda and Norma attending tonight.
  14. Thanks to Joe for accepting new role in District Rotary.
  15. For Rich, Brian’s tables, and for the Love Songs!
  16. For our many guests, Jerry’s entertainment, Congrats Robert!
Mark your Calendar!
  • Golf Tourney “workshop” meeting Feb. 22nd
  • Robypalooza – Friday, June 29th
  • March 9th  Open Door Mission B’fast
  • District Conference May 4 - 6
  • Robypalooza – Friday, June 29th
Next Meeting:  Thursday, Feb. 22nd , Webster Community Center
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