The Spoke – December 28, 2017
Attending Members:
Terry, Joe, John D, Bob, Jim, Dolly K, Dolly M, Marlene, Ray, John S, Spencer, Tom, Robyn, Ross, Brian, Dennis.
Guests:  Robert Williams & Shelby, Katie Peake (and mom), Lynn Goldstein, Norie Willink, Amy Winslow, Judy Zink
[with sincere apologies to any other guests I might have missed, as well as misspelled or incomplete names]
Discussion Items:
President’s Intro
  • Thank you Ross for getting us started with another heartfelt blessing.
  • Welcome to our many guests including scholarship winner Katie Peake and her mother.
  • President Joe has suggested that next week’s meeting be held at the Webster Community Center with a “State of the Rotary” theme (i.e. Let’s Make Speeches Great Again).  This would be an ideal opportunity to reassess and refocus on our agenda for 2018, including:
  • Status of charity dinner
  • Funding projects such as supporting Miracle Field
  • Membership
  • Budget
  • Brian suggested that next year’s calendar might require changing dates for the Pancake Breakfast (November 11th) and Christmas Party (December 14th)
  • We were reminded, through several generous donations, of the on-going collection of “I-Dollars” (supporting Isaiah House), “H-Dollars” (supporting Camp Haccamo), and “C-Dollars” (supporting the RGH Cancer Center).  Trivia…this letter on the dollar bill indicates one of the twelve different Federal Reserve Banks responsible for printing paper money in the United States.  The letter code is also found in the prefix of the serial number.
Letter & Reserve Bank                          Letter & Reserve Bank                          Letter & Reserve Bank
A             Boston                                    E              Richmond                              I               Minneapolis         
B              New York                               F              Atlanta                                   J               Kansas City                                           
C              Philadelphia                          G             Chicago                                  K              Dallas